Google VS MPAA

The piracy topic is spoken more frequently than it should be, and every time it comes to arguments between the supporters of the current mild policy, and those which postulate tougher penalties for illegal use of resources in the network. Both of them have their own reasons and cannot be persuaded by arguments of their rival and everything goes back to normal. However, there are organizations that may not have their own views on piracy and should comply with the legislation of the country – one of them is, inter alia, Google, a website providing the most popular search engine. There is no doubt that being on the high places of search results is half of the battle, so websites dealing with the supply, transfer, provision of illegal files are fighting to keep their addresses in the popular service.
On the other hand we have organizations of artists managed by different people, which are designed to minimize the effects of piracy to protect the profits of the same artists, film producers, game developers, and the like. One of the tools that may strike the person illegally providing resources on the network is a form removal from the Google search results. The Mountain View company can therefore choose to remove the link, or leave it in its current position. As it turns out, Google has recently reluctantly responded to the request of various organizations, and the record in this topic seems to be the American MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America).
The said organization wanted to remove from the search engine more or less well-known 81 websites that provide movies and TV series – Google has decided to take further action against the 21 sites, while the remaining 60 can talk about being very lucky, because they’ve been left in search results. The American company has very complicated procedure for the determination of non-compliance with the rules of the site search engine, so you cannot clearly explain why so many sites have not been removed. MPAA wanted to achieve great success, and ended up with a sad failure.

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GoPro Hero 4 Steps Up Digital Camera Game

camera gopro hero 4

The GoPro Hero 4 is the latest in digital camera technology from GoPro. This top of the line camera offers many upgrades from the GoPro Hero 3 and 3+ models. This model introduces significant improvements to video capture including faster video capture and 2x sharper resolution.

The difference in the models is unquestionable. When compared side-by-side, the resolution and sharpness of the videos captured by the GoPro Hero 4 allows you to see much more detail than the GoPro Hero 3. The resolution boost is bolstered by the increased FPS capture rate for videos that are sharp, seamless, and professional in appearance.

In addition to this, the GoPro Hero 4 boasts a significant increase in the wireless connection capabilities. You can use the camera to wirelessly transfer video captured to your phone or computer. This is a great feature if you want to capture video on the move, or if you just want to store video on a separate device and not use up camera storage. The quality of the video does not suffer when transferred wirelessly. If you are playing back the video as it is being captured, there will be a slight delay between capture and playback. This is an unavoidable effect of transferring large amounts of data wirelessly.

Let’s not forget that this camera is waterproof up to 131 feet, or 40 meters. This feature is great if you enjoy activities such as snorkeling or diving, or just want to brag that your camera’s waterproof.

Some users of the GoPro Hero 4 reported that the battery life is not as good as some of the previous models. They recommend having rechargeable batteries, or always having extra batteries on hand, particularly if you plan to use this camera frequently. Other than this, buyers have found this to be an exceptional digital camera and are very happy with their purchases.
If you’re looking for a leader in digital camera technology, the GoPro Hero 4 is the camera for you.

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Philips Newest 4K TV Flagship

TP Vision Company officially announced the latest flagship TV from Philips. What can 65PUS9809 model boast about, compared to offers of the other manufacturers?

Philips 65PUS9809 is a TV equipped with 65-inch LCD screen that displays an image with a resolution of 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels), which shouldn’t surprise anyone by now, as it’s been slowly becoming the standard of the TV industry. The quality of image is taken care of by a Perfect Pixel HD Ultra engine, which – as provided by the manufacturer – ensures sharp, detailed image and appropriately matched color depth and local contrast. The Ultra Resolution function allows for scaling materials with lower resolutions up to 4K TV one.

Micro Dimming Technology Premium additionally optimizes the contrast in their own, secret way, in order to provide possible the deepest blacks and the brightest whites as currently possible – at least that’s what we can read the official announcement. That’s not all, as the the refresh rate of 1200 Hz is supposed to provide adequate performance in the fastest of scenes.

There’s something else that really makes a 65PUS9809 the stand out model alongside competition. Philips proposal is in fact the world’s first TV fully integrated with Google Android. OS in 4.2.2 Jelly Bean version is to provide access to all applications, services and content available on Google Play store and enable the use of cloud-based service Dropbox. Users will therefore not be limited to the Smart TV platforms with truncated functionality.

TP Vision also doesn’t try to keep it a secret that they put a big though into the look of the TV. Hence, a very thin bezel around the screen and unobtrusive footer. The whole image is complemented by a quadrangular Ambilight system. There’s also a wireless subwoofer with a power of 50 watts included with the device, which complements the built-in TV stereo audio system of 2×15 W. You can read more about 4K Here.

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New Nexus 9

Google Nexus tablet series is still very popular among users looking for a relatively small device for entertainment and not very demanding work – the latest Nexus 7, 2013 version, is already on the market a long time and the corporation from Mountain View plans to replace it with a new design, which this time will be produced by another Taiwanese company. Google has probably given up the ASUS service for HTC, and moreover, probably returned to his former main partner when it comes to the main unit in the new model. The premiere of the next Nexus should already take place in July, one month after the I/O Google conference, on which we’ve seen new smart watches and Android L announcement.

Returning to the tablet – the new Nexus 9 should receive an 8.9-inch display with a resolution of 2048 x 1440 pixels (281 PPI) and a 64-bit Tegra K1 NVidia processor. The first revision of the Nexus 7 tablet also had the CPU from NVidia, so Google’s return to their old partner doesn’t seem to be so surprising. Add the 2 GB of memory, 16 GB or 32 GB of user data space, 8-megapixel camera with OIS digital image stabilization and a 3-megapixel front camera. The device has a weigh 418 grams (427 grams if you intend to purchase one with the LTE module), and the thickness of the housing should not exceed 7.9 millimeters.

The increased weight of the new tablet will be caused by the use of aluminum construction. Increasing the display compared to its predecessor will certainly result in an increase the price of the new Nexus, because the upcoming model will go into a completely different category than his predecessors. The cheapest variant with 16 GB of internal memory and Wi-Fi module should cost  399 dollars, which is significantly more than the Nexus 7 2013 at the time of its release (about $ 229). Could tablets from the Nexus series be now associated exclusively with premium devices? Thanks to this technology blog for giving me heads-up on the news!

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Do you often find yourself having more than twenty tabs open at once, just browsing meaninglessly between them back and forth, without realizing that some of them are just useless? Favorites don’t solve this problem, since the real reason you keep them open is your desire to read them later, when you have some free time, am I right? That’s why some bored developer has decided to stop this nonsense, and make an extension (or standalone app, for mobile devices) that will solve the problem. Let me introduce Pocket, the solution to “too much tabs open” problem.

Pocket has a very basic function – it keeps a list of sites that you have chosen to be “pocketed”, so you are able to read them later. It might just seem as an alternative to the bookmark function available in every browser, but it’s more than that. Not only it’s available on almost every platform that is most of the browsers, including Opera and Chrome, but also your mobile devices. You set up an account, and that’s it – you’re now able to save various sites and images straight to your Pocket with one click, only to view them later.

Another function that makes this better than your usual favorites and open tabs is the option for tagging. You can sort your saved links into categories of “Images”, “videos” and “text”, but also further create your own categories. I’ve added “fitness” and “science”, for example, as I found myself leaving tabs related to those two topics, but yours can obviously be different. After saving a link, you can click the add-on icon on your browser bar and proceed to the list of things you’ve saved over time.

I believe this additional extensions allowed me to be more productive on the internet, while minimalizing the amount of tabs I’ve left open in my browser, directly letting me allocate more RAM into other programs I’ve had open. Thank you, Pocket developer.


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Why to Root Your Phone

You might have asked yourself this question already, if you have ever owned an Android phone. Not only the customization aspect of that system is widely marketed, but it’s also possible to make it even more changeable by few simple things. In this article, I’ll go over few main reasons that I believe are most important in the debate of whether you should or should not root your phone. I hope this article will help you make up your mind on this matter and enjoy your Android smartphone more than ever.

First of all, let’s talk about the functions. Not only the phone has some interesting options locked out for security reasons, but they are also easily unlocked by rooting your phone and installing certain applications, like SuperUser. This lets you, for example, plug an external USB disc or another SD card, if your phone is equipped with a microUSB or another connector that allow for data transfer. I use this feature on my Nexus 7 a lot, since it has no additional flash memory available to me. Another option is the “upgraded” file explorer, which will allow you to see hidden files, including system configurations and other important necessary bytes.

Next reason is the customization aspect – not only you will be able to do even more with your desktop, but you will also be able to change your lock screen to whatever you want. Tired of your icons? Modify them with custom icon packs, available in hundreds of variations! You can find a lot guides on the internet on the subject, so I’ll leave that to the experts.

It is my belief that the two reasons I’ve presented above are enough to encourage you to root your phone. I guarantee it will unlock a completely new dimension of functionality to you and will change your experience to a more pleasant one!

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Wrath of the Lamb

You might be wondering what Wrath of The Lamb could possibly be, but try to remember my  last article on Binding of The Isaac. That’s right, Wrath of the Lamb (or WotL, for short) is an expansion targeted towards the game. Now, you might already know the basic gameplay of the game itself, so I won’t focus on that part this time around, and instead, I’ll cover why the DLC is worth getting and what changes it brings to the table, because for as low as 2 Euro while not on sale, the value it brings to the game is incredibly high.

Being released on 28th September 2011, it has expanded the game by a lot. It added a whole new game type called challenges, 35 achievements more – when we look at the previous amount of 24, that is more than double, and 34 more secrets. But that’s not all, it also adds 6 more totally different special rooms to the game to make every gameplay as unique as it can possible get. I’ll talk more about each of the introductions soon.

Despite of all the addictions, the expansions also adds two completely new floors, accessible after we have beat Sheol and Satan itself from the basic version. Those are namely The Cathedral and The Chest, which could be considered the ultimate end-game content that Edward is giving us. Even though I have 160 hours in the game, I have just barely unlocked it and have yet to beat it with all of the characters. Not only that, it introduces the possibility for the default floors to be swapped out by a harder version of themselves, called The Cellar, The Catacombs, Necropolis and Utero. You will face harder enemies here – Edward was sure to make the Wrath of the Lamb harder than the original Binding of Isaac.

The new system that I find particularly interesting is the Curse system. Each time you beat the game, you have more chance of getting a cursed floor on your next playthrought. There are three different curses that can happen, but never two at once – Curse of Darkness, which removes your minimap, Curse of the Labyrinth combines two stages into one, big floor and Curse of the Lost, which expands the current floor by a decent amount resulting in more wandering around.

All in all, I believe that Wrath of the Lamb is a must-have for any Binding of Isaac funs out there. It adds TONS of content for the price of 2 Euros and making the game a bit harder. You can read more about the expansion on the official wiki – here. Stay tuned for more!

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League Of Legends Tips for Beginners

I have been playing League of Legends for around half a year now, and while I’m certainly not a pro, I do know my way around the league. In this short blog post I will share some tips which I think plays a big role in how I play, how my team plays, and whether or not we win. My friend has a league of legends blog dedicated to guides. Tip #1 Don’t die! In many games, Especially FPS games, its all about how many kills you have and maybe an objective. True, deaths still play a role but a small one at that compared to what role they play in the League. In the League, your opponent receives a small chunk of gold every time they kill you, which they can use to buy upgrades, which they can use to kill you more easily. I think the number one reason I lose games is because someone on my team dies to many times in the early game, also know as “feeding”. If you are new, stay behind your minions and stay with your team, attack the enemy champs when you can but don’t overextend yourself. Keep playing the same champ for a while, get to know it; then you can start testing other champions. Tip #2 Map awareness. Being aware of your surroundings is super important in life and in League of Legends. Be aware of what your teammates are doing and where the enemy is at. When you know where everyone is you can make informed decisions, get an extra kill or save yourself from dying. Watch your minimap, the chat, pings and use wards smartly. Learn the hotkeys for the various pings so you can ping efficiently and when you are dead, watch your teammates backs – Ping to communicate. Tip #3 Practice, Practice, Practice You wont get any better unless you practice so just get out there and keep trying. If you are having trouble try playing against the AI or a friend, but overall try to have fun and if you lose, congratulate the other team by saying “GG” and move to the next game. Hope I helped and hope to see you out in the League.

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Flight Simulator Game

There is no question that a remarkable item such as a flight simulator game is in fact practical and amusing. This system feeds off the mind of individuals about flying an aircraft; it develops a globe that offers an opportunity to every person else to sit on a cockpit along with take their most idolized airplanes for a ride. The fun aspect and quality of the program has actually produced it a favorite on a number of electronic game styles. It’s additionally featured on different game design. That’s exactly how preferred and precisely how the game style is required by its followers. Flying games have actually been massively preferred for some time. For those who have actually grasped all of the rest, this game takes it up a number of notches. Picture having the ability to engineer your very own aircraft and attire with differing design and elements. With over 80 aircraft to select from and the capability to transform them for each flight game, the variations are near unlimited. Flight simulator game is even made use of in the aviation market for pilot training and to assist establish brand-new civilian and military aircraft designs. An airplane crash simulator is additionally in some cases utilized after an aviation incident has actually taken place to attempt to identify the sources of the crash and exactly how it can easily be protected against from re-occurring in the future. The concept behind these flight simulator online games is to develop an atmosphere that is adventurous and rather tough to immerse them in. A flight simulator game such as Flight Sim Pro permits individuals to tailor their aircraft, landscapes, climate, and several additional outside and internal conditions. There are many excellent flight simulator game items on the market place that is coming to be tricky to locate an excellent one. Purchasers can conveniently be duped into acquiring an item for the cost without considering all the feasible functions. Nowadays you can easily discover jam loaded airplane flight simulator game programs without spending heaps of cash.

It provides you full, realistic pilot control, also throughout a full systems failing … The controls will certainly respond in unexpected emergency circumstances in the precise same method as their genuine globe equivalents … featuring instrument and failings. The cockpit has realistic variations of the flight indications and controls you might locate in a genuine plane. Prior to you pick a flight simulator game make certain you understand that the game is suitable with your system. The flight SIM game will not include a joystick, pedals or a switch board, and these are things that you may wish to think about purchasing at some phase to obtain the most from your game. The net does offer cost-free game titles, however discovering leading quality no price games is challenging regardless several of these website supply quality games for less costs, yet, if your figure out to obtain games for cost-free then I propose you go study some responses. Individual comments are a couple of the most useful stuff you can easily check out if you’re seeking something juicy on the website. Individuals commonly name the games that they had a wonderful time with and the ones that are not thereby amusing. After you have actually chosen the action, downloading is really simple. The real free of charge flight simulator game perhaps extremely amusing nonetheless, you have to not anticipate too a great deal from a free of charge present.

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Introducing Isaac and His Binding

As I stated in the introduction, I’m an Indie game lover, and so, after missing out on this gem for so long, I finally decided to give it a try. I’m going to tell you about “The Binding of Isaac”, what it’s about and why I’m in such love with this game. I only purchased the basic version, but I’m pondering acquiring the expansion. If I do, I’ll surely write about it later. Let’s get to the game. As mentioned earlier, “The Binding of Isaac” is an Indie game created by Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl, released on September 28, 2011. I know, over 2 years, but the game is far from outdated. And it’s all due to its nature! The game is two dimensional and could be written under action-adventure roguelike category. It uses a lot of concept and gameplay ideas from Legend of Zelda series and mixes them with procedurally generated floors. Each floor ends with a boss, which has to be defeated before we’re able to progress deeper into the game.  It has multiple ending scenes, making the plot non-linear as the game continues. Isaac’s story is what makes this game so interesting. We start off as a nude crying child named, surprisingly, Isaac (while playing, we’re able to unlock five more characters). Intro informs us about the story of the boy, which isn’t quite a happy one. Him and his mom used to live happily, before a “voice from above” has spoken to his Christian bother telling her to save her son from sin. She takes all his toys away from him as a result, but that’s not all. The voice is yet to be satisfied by her faith and commands her to isolate her son from all evil. This ends up with Isaac being locked into his room with no toys. The 3rd time voice speaks to Isaac’s Mom, it requires her to sacrifice the boy as a faith declaration. Obeying, she grabs a kitchen knife and enters her son room. Isaac quickly finds a trapdoor to his basement and that’s where we come in. The controls and interface are both pretty simple. We move around using WSAD keys, drop bombs with E, use items with Space and that’s pretty much it. The main screen consists of a minimap, list of our main items (Coins, Bombs and Keys, all very important through the gameplay), our current arrows (tears), current active item and our health. Why I love this game? Because its replay value is extremely high. In order to experience all 12 endings, you have to finish this game at least 13 times. Due to the randomness of floors and spawned items, this can be either hard or easy, but I can assure you, it will be fun. When you die, you don’t respawn – you have to start over. Surprisingly, this didn’t throw me off like it would normally have, because of the game style, which is simply amazing. I’m looking forward to enjoying this game, and while I’ve already put 30 hours into it, I’ve yet to experience it fully.

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